AlNour means “the light” in Arabic. Since the creation of AlNour in 2013, this light is a symbol for hope – for a self-determined life in dignity and independence. The company provides us the support to ensure our quality of life by providing health insurance and the possibility of a pension when we reach the retirement age.

It offers training programs for languages, professional and artisan skills. Our company van facilitates our daily way to work. And the company’s child care center helps those of us who are mothers to focus on work while our kids are in the best hands. Additionally, we can enjoy free breakfast and lunch each day. AlNour also supports our medical needs by acquiring donations to finance new orthopedic aids.

At AlNour we always try to balance social needs and the requirements of a solid growing business.During the past 4 years we have worked intensively in developing ourselves personally and professionally. The company owner Patricia Kahane arranged for regular workshops with our consultant Naima who comes regularly from the Netherlands.

As a professional company we organize our team with internal guidelines, we have installed a supervised workflow and established a quality control system. Each day we work on improving our work and ourselves.

To support our sales we were able to win local partners as “Jardin secret”, “Riad ElFenn”, and “Royal Palm”. In their shops you can find an exclusive selection of our products. Additionally, we organize annual sales markets in Europe.

Our embroiderers are proud to work daily on a lovely selection of clothing for women, men and children, home textiles and a wide range of accessories. It is very important to create high quality products for you – our clients. Therefore we use are 100% natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool, silk and pashmina.

We cordially invite you to share the AlNour experience with us, so please come visit us!